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To track the status of your application and financial aid or to check for missing documents, please enter the email address you provided
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Once all documents are received, please allow up to two weeks for processing. Any missing items will be listed inRED.

Document Submission
To submit an electronic document, select the document type from the list below and click "Browse" to locate the document on your
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type other than those listed as they may not be processed properly. This includes school transcripts and test scores; these items must
come directly from the issuing organization and cannot be accepted through this form.

Accepted Documents      Documents NOT Accepted
Dependent Verification Worksheet   Transcripts
Federal Tax Transcripts   Test scores
Financial Aid Award Letter   International Documents
Housing Application    
Independent Verifiation Worksheet     
Letter of Recommendation    
Other Financial Aid Document  
Personal Statement/Essay    

Dependent Household Worksheet
Independent Household Worksheet


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